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263: Ask a Better Question

Listen: Today, I’m going to be teaching about a better question you can ask yourself than the question you are likely ask yourself right now, and it has everything to do with if you are on your way to being wealthy or not. Instead of asking yourself “Can I afford this,” ask yourself “How can I be sure to afford this?” This one shift in how you approach this question is one of the biggest differences between the [...]


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My Mission

My name is Chris Harder, and I believe that when good people make good money, they do great things! As a successful entrepreneur myself, I also believe that everyone has the right to an abundant lifestyle, and the responsibility to help others have the same.

This podcast will give you every tool you need to be unapologetically successful. These episodes will share the secrets, tips, and incredible stories of of how wealthy entrepreneurs, celebrities, and people of influence have risen to the top, and what they’ve done to make this world a better place as a result of their success.

We live in a time where the divide between the “have’s” and the “have-not’s” has never been greater. In many cases, money has been made out to be the villain. We also live in one of the most exciting times, when there have never been more entrepreneurs, and never before has it been easier to make yourself into a success story!

Beyond the comforts and conveniences (which for the record, I love those too!), money’s most important role is that it gives options and solves problems, and there are way too many stories of successful individuals doing great things with their wealth to make this world a better place that go unreported. My goal is to expose those stories, thus giving you the permission, motivation, and the tips & tools to unapologetically love and attract money, become a smashing success, and in return empower you to live generously in your earnings and your giving.

Everyone can help someone, but with enough money you can change the world.

Let’s see what some of our guests’ most noteworthy quotes have been

I love all our guests and interviews. But some quotes stick out more than others, so here are some of my favorites!

“I remember telling my girls we were going to play a game, to try and find any and all money we could around the house, including in-between the couch cushions. We came up with $47.63”
“If I couldn't find anywhere to stay, I would sleep in my car.”
“Looking back I like to call it a refiners moment, it's how glass and diamonds are made. You are getting burned, but turn out better than ever.”

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