Today I’m talking about the question I probably get asked the most in regard to my podcast, and that’s, “does money bring you happiness?” This can be a complicated question, but I’ll try to break down the complicated (not-so-complicated) answer.

Money does indeed impact your happiness, but only to a certain degree. I’m a firm believer that money magnifies who you already are. If you’re a giving person, you’ll give more when you have more money. If you typically give less, you’re not likely to give any more when you do have more money. You with me?

“An unhappy person with bad habits simply becomes a wealthier person with bad habits.”

The money doesn’t change the person – it just changes their income. But here’s what money can do…

“Having wealth increases the number of opportunities that you will find happiness.”

On a scale of 1-10, there’s never going to be a 12 – more money doesn’t change that. But there can be multiple occurrences of a 10. Money ensures that you’ll have opportunities to have “10” experiences. Here’s what I mean… If you’re traveling and you stay at a Ritz or Four Seasons, you’re checked in right away, people know who you are, there’s more amenities, the hotel smells nice, etc. – it’s a “10” experience. Whereas if you stay at a Hampton Inn or Motel 6, you’ll likely have a nice stay, but the service isn’t the same – it’s typically just good. This applies to your car or family vacation, too. Money doesn’t guarantee happiness, but it does provide more chances to feel happy or achieve or maintain that “10” feeling.

So I ask you this, do you want a significantly higher number of peak moments (10s) and significantly lower amount of 1s and 2s? Then go out there and start chasing more wealth!

In This Episode You’ll Hear About

  • Why money magnifies who you already are
  • How money impacts your happiness
  • Why having money doesn’t guarantee happiness


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